Private Security Consulting,
Altai Private Security Company, Private Security Consultancy, with the staff in the professional sense, Turkey has been serving our esteemed customers.
If you receive this service from us in Turkey, the world’s awake and planning expert professional security block-piercing specialists will work to exceed your safety. Consulting service. You can rely on security very well to a team of professional test ettirdinizmi this confidence? I wonder if the building is protected and you will be able to enter a foreign person bulunabilecekmi attack? Çalabilecekmi confidential information protected space malevolent person? Yapabilecekmi Sabotage? All that you are trying to make the security firm göstemelik write a report. However, note that the attackers professional, professional plan and prepare. This professional security firm plans, you will not be able amateur.
Leave this to us, we will report you to work with professional drilling plans blog in on your security.
1-Project Safety to security notifications,
2-A private security permit to be taken,
3-Approval of private security business suit,
4-Armed and unarmed private security permit to be taken,
Preparation of
5-Private security clothes and uniforms,
6-Security Personnel to notifications,
7-With story and the story of conducting audits,
8-Spot training of private security personnel,
9-Security Gun License Reception,
10-With story Inspections,
11-Close Protection Supply,
12-Private Security Personnel Logistics Support Service,
13-Security Personnel insurance for private security,
14-Service Training Grant,