Bodyguard Services Istanbul Turkey


Altay bodyguard firm, Istanbul’s most professional security company. Altay elite bodyguard consists of former police and soldiers. Those who have served on special teams for many years, the team will use their experience to protect you. Except Bodyguard special intelligence team team, for the safety of your crew will take place. Please contact us for your needs in Turkey bodyguard.


What do private security companies do? We make factories, houses, villas, construction sites, hospitals, dams, Res, Ges security. We provide close protection services. We provide all these services primarily in Turkey, including Istanbul. We are Turkey’s fast-growing security company. The head office is in Hadımköy, Istanbul. We have offices in Çorlu, Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ and Silivri.


In the global world we live in, it has been a real necessity to protect our safety of property day and night as well as “physically” by using various technical means. Security services are no longer a luxury necessity but an indispensable requirement. In order to meet this need, first of all, the fulfillment of the responsibilities of security companies to the state and their obligations to their personnel is an indicator of the quality of the security service to be provided. Altay Private Security Ltd. It remains in mind as a company that fulfills these duties.



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